We love all of our clients at Goldiloxx Salon and CryoSkin Spa, and we want to make sure everyone feels at home in our friendly Hair Salon. That’s why we’ve set a few basic policies to make sure everyone who walks through our doors has an experience that leaves them wanting to return time and again. Take a quick read. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. 

1st cancellation inside 48 hours: 75% cost of service.

2nd cancellation inside 48 hours: 100% cost of service

3rd cancellation inside 48 hours: scheduling is not allowed for 1 year

Here at Salon we understand that accidents and emergencies happen that prevent 24-hour notice for canceling or rescheduling your appointment. Salon members are given one (1) grace appointment a year for last-minute scheduling changes, cancellations, or no-shows. Please inquire at our location on how to sign up for free today!

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